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Help us reach our fundraising goal!

Updated: Jul 2

In 2022, we launched Sequoia Center and were able to provide tens of thousands of dollars of subsidized services to those in need. The community support we received was absolutely humbling, and we are deeply honored to be of service in this incredible field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We recently launched a new fundraising campaign, which will help to provide subsidized services for those that cannot afford out-of-pocket treatment. Additionally, these funds will also help with our organization's upcoming expansion so we can serve even more folks in need. As a nonprofit mental health organization, donor funds are our lifeblood, and we greatly appreciate even the smallest donation. If you are willing to donate or share our fundraising campaign (also linked below), we would be deeply grateful for the support! Thank you for helping us to bring skillful, ethical, and effective psychedelic-assisted therapies to our community!

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