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Sequoia Center at Horizons NW!

Updated: Jul 2

Our team had an amazing time at Horizons NW, and we were delighted to witness such a profound amount of support for accessible psychedelic healing! Dr. Bazinet had the honor of moderating the speakers on Friday, the Psychedelics in Science day, including Paul Stamets, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, and more. Brian Hannah, Julio Iñiguez, and Alyssa Gursky all had a wonderful time tabling the event, connecting with conference attendees around our mission and vision. Thank you to all who attended this amazing event, and our deepest gratitude for those that showed up in support of Sequoia Center! We are honored to be in community with you.

Dr. Bazinet interviewing Paul Stamets!

Julio and Brian tabling next to Earth Medicine Center!

Dr. Bazinet facilitating a panel discussion with Anthony Back, MD, Pamela Kryskow, MD, Chris Stauffer, MD, and Jenna Kachmarik, BA, BS.

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